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The “You Hate All Muslims” Strawman

October 14, 2014

The level of conversation around Islam has reached such a low state that those who have left the religion and/or those who critique it must state over and over that they in fact do not:

– Hate all Muslims

– Say all Muslims are violent/extremists/bad

– Call for genocide of all Muslims

– Say that there are no good Muslims

I have even put this disclaimer on this site, and stated it again here, yet I still receive questions asking why I “hate all Muslims”. Many others who critique Islam are similarly told that they “hate all Muslims”. None of this is say that there are not some genuine nuts out there who in fact DO call for genocide and violence against all Muslims (Note to such people: you are not helping us at all) but critique of a religion does NOT equate to wanting people to die. Heck, for the record, I am personally OPPOSED to all of the American led wars, bombing campaigns, nation building and  democracy installation experiements that are going on in Muslim majority lands. I also believe that GITMO should be closed and that religious people in the United States (to include Muslims) should have the right to worship their gods as they please as long they do not bring it into public policy.

I watched Ben Affleck’s now infamous debate with Bill Maher and Sam Harris and my take on it is that Ben did not listen to what Bill or Sam were saying at all. He immediately launched into the “you hate all Muslims” strawman. It was sad because I actually like both of them. But it was especially sad because it is so common in today’s discourse around Islam. They seem to care more about their status as a “good person” (or their bank account) than about the truth of the argument actually being made. Then of course the social media-phere blows up with everyone in agreement that Bill Maher and Sam Harris have called for genocide against Muslims and/or hate all Muslims when they have stated on numerous occasions that this is not true. But alas, the facts don’t matter when a good victim narrative is being constructed.

So here we go once again:

– We do not hate all Muslims

– There are many good and trustworthy Muslims

– I certainly do not desire the genocide of Muslims

With the discourse level being so low, I would suggest that those that critique Islam state this each and every time they mention anything unsavory about Islam as a religion

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