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Muslim Evangelists Peddle Lies About How Science is contained by Islam

May 21, 2014

The dialogue between science and religion is a topic of immense interest to many philosophers, theologians and scientists. While academics debated over the boundaries of science  or the validity of religious experience, a much cruder relationship between the two fields began to trend in Muslim communities across the developing and developed countries in recent decades. Many Islamic proselytizers began to widely publicize the belief that the sacred Islamic text, the Qur’an, contains scientific information that had only been discovered recently.

As a proselytizing tool, claims of scientific foreknowledge are found in the evangelical practices of many major religions.  However, this belief has gained much mainstream acceptance in the Muslim world, with adverse effects.

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  1. This process of adaption must take place to keep the appeal of religion which is feeling the effects of the modern world. We now have ‘Big Bang Christianity’ for those who need to hang on to their faith. There is nothing inherently wrong with hanging on to your faith and we should not criticise those who do. It is where faith communities dictate behaviour patterns to others that we need to tackle this problem.

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