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Why Identify as an ‘Ex-Muslim’?

December 22, 2013

A very good response is here. For many years, du’aat (those who call to Islam) denied that ex-Muslims even exist. The mere fact that so many ex-Muslims  have “come out” in recent years forced them to stop repeating this falsehood. Being an ‘Ex-Muslim’ breaks the taboo.

To begin with, the simple fact is that Ex-Muslims face issues that few dissenters from other religions face. The immensity of the taboo against leaving and critiquing Islam means that Ex-Muslims are bullied, intimidated, threatened, ostracised and persecuted for their conscience.

Whilst in many Muslim countries this is enforced by laws, even in secular western countries Ex-Muslims face real fear when they leave Islam. For speaking out, Ex-Muslims are subject to violent threats including, not infrequently, death threats.

Harassment, marginalisation, bullying and guilt shaming are other common practices. Ex-Muslims want to show other doubters and rejecters of Islam that it is possible to leave the religion: that despite the pressures and coercions of family and community, and despite the demonisation and intimidation of apostates by orthodox Islam, leaving Islam is achievable and morally and ethically positive.

That said, I look forward to the day when leaving Islam is as mundane (and easy) as a person leaving Christianity, Judaism or any other religion.


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  1. sarah permalink

    I am an ex muslim from Canada ethnically from Pakistan….

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