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The Importance of Being Ex-Muslim

December 18, 2013

This well written and reasoned article is from the Rationalist Association.

Much fuss is often made about Islam’s cross-cultural appeal that welcomes converts from all sorts of backgrounds into the global Islamic brotherhood with arms wide open.

The fact that the door also swings the other way is usually lost in all the Islamic triumphalism; the reality is that people are also leaving Islam – and other religions – at unprecedented rates.

There is often pomp and ritual that accompanies conversion to the Islamic faith. But people who no longer believe in Islam are routinely confronted by systemic campaigns of bullying, ostracism, and violent intimidation. These deliberate deterrents effectively skew the numbers, causing many apostates to stay “in the closet”. Anyone who knows about Islam and Sharia understands all too well that by merely defining oneself publicly as an “ex-Muslim,” or an apostate, one immediately becomes the target of a religiously mandated death sentence.

Please go there to read it all!

One Comment
  1. sarah permalink

    Nobody can kill an ex muslim when in the west or Americas or other non muslim countries on Earth…..So who wants to kill me he better run to his mom

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