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Crawling Tree

September 19, 2011

From the book “The Beginning and the End” written by Ibn Kathir, Chapter Six, Entry title: “Hadith of the Tree.” (online source).

It was narrated by Al-Bayhaqi, narrated by Hamad Ibn Salma, narrated by Ali Ibn Zayd, narrated by Abi Rafi’, narrated by Umar Ibn Khatab who stated that the prophet – may Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him – was once depressed because of what the non-believers had done to him, so he said, “Oh Allah! Show me a sign today that I may disregard whoever disbelieves me.”

So the prophet commanded a tree that belonged to the people of the city of Madina to come to him and it came crawling on the ground until it reached him. The prophet then commanded it to return and it returned to where it was. The prophet then said, “I no longer care who disbelieves me after this.”

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  1. Adil permalink

    Really, if I told you about a plant that eats flys, would you be surprised?

  2. Georgina permalink

    Its a TRIFFID!

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