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Ya’foor the Talking Donkey

June 15, 2011

Ya’foor the Talking Donkey Acts as Muhammad’s Messenger then Commits Suicide When Muhammad Dies

“The Beginning and the End” written by Ibn Kathir, Chapter Six, ‘The Conversation of the Donkey’:

More than one of the reciters have denied this hadith, however it was narrated by Abu Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Hamid, narrated by Abu Al-Hussian Ahmad Ibn Hadan Al-Sijsi, narrated by Umar Ibn Muhammad Ibn Bajir, narrated by Abu Jafaar Muhammad Ibn Mazid, narrated by Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Akba Ibn Abu Al-Sahba’, narrated by Abu Huthaifa, narrated by Abdullah Ibn Habib Al-Hathli, narrated by Abu Abd Al-Rahman Al-Silmy, narrated by Abu Manthur who said,

“When Allah opened Khaybar to his prophet Muhammad – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – he (Muhammad) received as his share of the spoils four sheep, four goats, ten pots of gold and silver and a black, haggard donkey.

The prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – addressed the donkey asking, ‘What is your name?’ The donkey answered, ‘Yazid Ibn Shihab. Allah had brought forth from my ancestry 60 donkeys, none of whom were ridden on except by prophets. None of the descendants of my grandfather remain but me, and none of the prophets remain but you and I expected you to ride me. Before you, I belonged to a Jewish man, whom I caused to stumble and fall frequently so he used to kick my stomach and beat my back.’

The prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – said to him, ‘I will call you Ya’foor, Oh Ya’foor.’ Then Ya’foor replied, ‘I obey.’ The prophet then asked, ‘Do you desire females?’ The donkey replied, ‘No!’

So the prophet used to ride the donkey to complete his business and if the prophet dismounted from him he would send the donkey to the house of the person he wanted to visit and Ya’foor would knock at the door with his head. When the owner of the house would answer the door, the donkey would signal to that person to go see the prophet.

When the prophet died, the donkey went to a well belonging to Abu Al-Haytham Ibn Al-Tahyan and threw himself in the well out of sadness for the prophet’s death, making it his grave.”

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  1. pasisozi permalink

    \\“When Allah opened Khaybar to his prophet Muhammad – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him –\\

    “Allah’s prayers”? To whom or what does Allah pray, pray tell?

    You mean there’s a deity beyond Allah?

    • You mean there’s a deity beyond Allah?

      Yes, his name is Muhammad. The religion is mostly about him

  2. bert permalink

    There’s a talking donkey in the Bible too. What is your point, that religious books talk in allegories, metaphors, and use symbolism? What’s your point?

    • @ Bert

      This is not allegory. This is a hadith that is to be taken literally. It is a mistake to project what Jews and Christians do (take things as allegory) and apply that to traditional Islamic teachings

    • Where is the talking donkey in the Bible? I think I missed that part.

    • Charlie Darwin permalink

      Quite possibly that both books are fucking insanely idiotic. What’s your point?

  3. James permalink

    Talking donkey in the Bible? Where?

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